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Andrew Fedorowicz F.A.I.A

Andrew is a highly experienced Architect with over 30 years in Architectural Design and construction, administration and drafting. Andrew represents the upper echelon of his profession.

With advanced computer and IT literacy, refined CAD skills, a comprehensive understanding of structural engineering and associated disciplines, Andrew is capable of managing projects of all types.

He has extensive experience in problem solving construction issues and a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of Building Contract Law. Andrew draws upon extensive archival material and electronic filing enabling him to provide a service level of the highest standard. Experience matters and with over 320 projects completed over his career, Andrew is well prepared to provide you with vision, knowledge and complete competency.



Classic & Country Decorating

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Consulting Interior Designer

Consulting Interior Designer – Amanda Richmond B.A.I.D. RMIT F.D.I.A.

Amanda Richmond is well known and accepted as one of Melbourne's leading Interior Designers. With 22 years experience, she is well versed in Architectural administration and Interior Design.

Amanda is also highly competent, well versed in the latest IT applications, experienced in construction management. She is familiar with and has a comprehensive understanding of Building Contract Law. She has access to extensive archival and electronic records on all previous projects.


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