Andrew Fedorowicz:

Heritage Architecture

Balance Architecture and its principal Architect Andrew Fedorowicz are passionate supporters of Heritage protection within Victoria, both in Urban and Rural settings, for our treasured historical and architecturally important buildings and precincts.


Whether it’s a property owned or controlled by you, or you are a member of an organisation in control or responsible for a Heritage listed building or property, a consultation with Andrew Fedorowicz on maintaining and/or restoring your building’s Heritage Features, will be both rewarding and provide a practical strategy for the maintenance and possible enhancement of your building’s unique heritage features.

Heritage Architecture Melbourne
Pictured here is the former ES&A Bank in Ascot Vale, a previous Balance project.

Heritage Grants Available

In various municipalities Victoria-wide, Heritage Grants are available for Heritage restoration and in some cases maintenance. Balance Architecture is knowledgeable with regards to Heritage Grants and their availability. With Andrew Fedorowicz’s input, Balance Architecture is available to assist clients to apply for such grants, supply accurate heritage architectural drawings, costings and heritage knowledge and professional opinion on all matters architectural.

Renovation and Refurbishment of Heritage Buildings

Many Heritage listed properties or properties seeking heritage listing have been ravaged over time through inappropriate removal of Heritage features, partial demolitions, inappropriate renovations and additions that ultimately detract from the Heritage value of a building or property. Balance Architecture can provide a full Heritage restoration and renovation strategy that will restore buildings to their original construction status, albeit with acknowledgements to modern requirements, building regulations and liveability.

Heritage Projects

Balance Architecture has completed a number of both public and private Heritage projects.

Currently Balance Architecture is working with the City of Ballarat in the reconstruction and restoration of the original Ballarat Botanical Gardens Fernery project.

Heritage Architect Melbourne
Balance Architecture designs for restoration of the Ballarat Botanical Gardens Fernery

Registering for Heritage Listing – the first step

Many properties in inner Melbourne are covered by Heritage Overlays, but in themselves are not Heritage listed.

With the expansion and growth of Melbourne over the past 20 years, Heritage evaluation by Municipal Council bodies has often not kept pace with the need to declare certain buildings and precincts and facilitate Heritage listing. As an example, the modernist homes of Black Rock, Beaumaris and Sandringham were not at all protected until the process was started by Residents last year (2019). Many irreplaceable dwellings were demolished.

Private persons and organisations (both private and public) can apply for Heritage status and listing with Heritage Victoria.

Please find the Heritage Victoria Application Forms here

Balance Architecture can assist you in processing your Heritage application. Success is far more likely with professional drawings, information and professional opinion.

Balance Architecture is a listed provider with Heritage Victoria (this does not denote approval or priority)