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Balance Architecture + Interior Design combines the two most important disciplines in developing your home, dwelling or property. An Architect designs the actual buildings and supervises construction. An Interior Designer, as the name suggests, is the designer of the space within and around existing architecture.

The Balance team provide a complete service. It is a marriage that creates a total package. A stunning design of a new development or building, a faithful restoration of a heritage or period building coupled with exquisite interior design delights with real livability and style. It means taking full advantage of space created with consideration of today's lifestyles and needs in mind. It is the creation of a harmonious balance between the interior and exterior features of your property. The Balance team have a depth of experience at the very highest levels as is evidenced through both the awards it has been accorded and the scale of the projects acheived.

There is an enthusiastic, intelligent approach from Andrew Fedorowicz complemented by the considered, steady yet creative, sensory approach to interior design delivered from Amanda Richmond. Educated, industry experienced and passionate about design, this is the Balance that will deliver design beyond your expectations.

Working together with independent attitudes, means and methods the results are successful Architectural and Design outcomes, harmonious and productive relationships with contractors and leading to satisfied clients.

Andrew Fedorowicz – Personal Profile

Architectural detail

Andrew Fedorowicz registered as an Associate Architect with The Royal Australian Institute of Architects (F.R.A.I.A.) 10 years after working as an Architectural draftsperson, studying Architecture part-time at RMIT, building his own home, raising a family and driving taxis to make ends meet in the meantime.

Working for renowned Commercial Architects such as Yunken Freeman and Sol Sapir gave him a solid grounding in Commercial/Institutional design. He has been in private practice for 34 years specialising in Heritage work.

Of the 40 projects he has completed in the past five years standout commissions have been:

He is experienced, focused and passionate.